Beef Bones
Beef Bones
Beef Bones
Beef Bones

Beef Bones

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Grass Fed & Pasture Raised Beef
Makes approx. 5-8 quarts of Beef Stock or Bone Broth


Whats the Difference?

Beef stock uses more meaty bones and is simmered for 8-10 hours since it will be used as a base for stews or soups with other meats included. Bone Broth is heartier, denser bones like knuckle and marrow and simmered for long hours (16-24) to pull more of the nutritional benefits from the bones as they break down.
Both can be used for stews or soups or even drank by the cup for ample health benefits.  


Lima Family Farms - Hillsborough, NJ
Beechtree Farms - Hopewell, NJ
Neshanic Pastures- Ringoes, NJ
Stryker Farms - Stroudsburg, PA
Hardwick Farms - Hudson Valley, NY
Red Hill Harvest- Pitman, PA
Zeng Family Farms - Flemington, NJ
Natures Own Farm - Columbus, NJ
Sickler's Circle View Farm - Monroeville, NJ
Lancaster Farms - Lancaster, PA