Our Partners

Weston A. Price Foundation

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a member-supported non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, and activism in support of nutrition and healthy living. Here at the intersection of local food, traditional farming, and the healing arts, they share the principles of ancestral wisdom validated by modern science.

In the 1930's, nutritional pioneer Dr. Weston Price traveled to the far corners of the globe seeking out indigenous non-industrialized cultures to understand their diets and lifestyles, in contrast to the rapidly modernizing world. From these discoveries, a set of trusted principles for optimal health was established, and continues to be disseminated by the foundation. 

The Monmouth County regional chapter serves as an informative resource hub for the community, connecting customers to nutrient-dense sources of farm-fresh food from the area. Their chapter leaders also provide guidance around budgeting, preparing, cooking, and preserving these nourishing foods. 

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For over 37 years, NOFA NJ has supported organic farming and food systems in NJ. As the leading advocate for organic farming in the Garden State, NOFA NJ supports farmers, gardeners, consumers, and food system professionals through technical support, education, policy advocacy, and community-building efforts. NOFA NJ is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization; visit nofanj.org for more resources and information

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Lancaster Farm Fresh

We are an organic farmers’ CO-OP of over 100 small farms. Together, we provide exceptional produce and goods from Lancaster County to neighboring communities and community builders.

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Hudson Harvest

We are a local food distributor based in New York’s Hudson Valley. We were founded in Kingston, NY in 2011 as Hudson Valley Harvest. Since then, we’ve delivered farm transparent local food throughout the Northeast to wholesale customers, including restaurants, catering companies, cafes, grocery stores, and schools, as well as directly to individuals and families, serving customers from Saratoga to Central New Jersey. 

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Hudson Valley Fisheries

Hudson Valley Fisheries is inspired by our commitment to food security and environmental stewardship.

Our mission is to develop a local model for sustainable aquaculture that protects wild fish populations and raises the healthiest fish without the use of antibiotics, hormones or pesticides.

Our fish are not contaminated with mercury, micro-plastics and other heavy metals. Our recirculating technology (RAS) continuously converts the fish waste into organic fertilizer then filters the water back into its system. The close proximity to your home reduces the time and carbon emissions that it takes to get our fish to your fridge. Local aquaculture allows you to enjoy fresher fish all year-round with a small carbon footprint.

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Wild for Salmon

Wild For Salmon is a fishermen owned business that makes fresh/frozen wild Alaskan salmon available to you at a common good price. Because we are the fishermen and we are local, we are able to provide you with the highest quality, flash/frozen, Alaskan sockeye available. Wild For Salmon is owned and operated by Steve and Jenn Kurian of Bloomsburg, PA.

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Red's Best

Red’s Best, founded in 2006 by Jared Auerbach, is a Boston based seafood wholesaler that aggregates from over 1,000 small, community-based fishing boats annually. Our mission is to support the livelihoods of independent, American fishermen while sustaining fisheries for harvest.

Red's Best is an industry leader and pioneer in traceable American seafood. With multiple facilities in New England, Red's Best directly offloads vessels, creating an immediate chain of custody taking exceptional care of the fishermen's catch. Our proprietary technology allows us to efficiently unload large fleets of small fishing boats, providing top quality fish from our network of fishermen. We believe there is value in the story of who caught the fish, where and how, and to tell the story of each catch.

Red's Best supplies global, domestic and local markets with over 60 different species daily. Along with wholesale facilities, Red's Best award-winning Fish Market & Eatery in Downtown Boston offers abundant, fresh catch and prepared foods direct to consumers. Red's Best may also be found on multiple e-commerce platforms and is sold at dozens of local farmer's markets annually.

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Fiorentini in Rutherford NJ is truly a “Farm to Table” experience. Not only working with local farms but also local farms focused foremost on the health of their soils and land.

Husband-and-wife-duo, Antonio, and Brenda are the founders of Fiorentini.  

Chef Antonio, former Metropolitan Opera Executive Chef, Sea Grill at Rockefeller Center, and the emblematic Le Cirque, an authentic Italian native, is bringing his worldwide knowledge to his Italian roots. Chef Antonio curates a new menu each season using premium seasonal quality vegetables and meat from local farmers, sustainable seafood, and the freshest herbs, fitting flawlessly into the modern, light-filled interiors.

Co-founder, Brenda, grew up in Florence, where she completed her schooling. She also had a robust career in the event industry, designing and producing high-end events for over 12 years and this experience has been instrumental in the design of Fiorentini.

Dedicated to the triple bottom line —planet, people, and profit—their team aspires to make their eatery as environmentally conscious as possible. From waste to water, chemicals to disposables, to locally sourced ingredients as well as the materials used to furnish their space, sustainability is continuously at the heart of what they do. 

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The Wisemen Project is a men’s holistic health group that melds proven, ancient techniques of movement, breath work and meditation with cutting edge scientific research. Our goal is to teach methods that tap into your ancestral genius and reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm, disease and increase mental clarity, helping you live your most abundant life. Our retreat is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from modern stressors and practice our principles to optimize your health.

Men have very different chemical, emotional and mental reactions to life’s pressures than women. Our primitive desire to maintain the “hunt” can be exhausting and often recalibration comes in the form of unintentional negative routines and self-sabotage. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or seek refinement of your path, let us help. Use our tools to develop clarity around how to create balanced energy in all facets of life- versus turbulent fluctuations that lead to chaos and feeling out of control. Visualize seeing the world through a different lens; becoming inspired to invest in the imprint you’ll leave behind, making the most of your precious time on this earth. 

Join us in pursuit of living life to the fullest and realizing the path to our best selves along the way.

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