1. What is the deadline to signup? 

Because we work with multiple farmers, there is NO DEADLINE!

2. How do you differ from Farmers CSA Shares?  

A few reasons: We work with multiple farmers so we can ALWAYS guarantee a variety of vegetables / cuts per season. We deliver direct to you. We run four seasons long. AND with our marketplace, you can add many other local favorites without going out of your way. 

3. When does it begin? 

It begins the next delivery day the week immediately following your membership sign up. 

4. Is delivery built into the cost or is there a speedster fee?  

Because of your larger upfront financial commitment our Market, Meat, and Beef Shares will have all delivery fees waived. 
Veggie Shares, because they are a weekly subscription service, will require minimum delivery fees to your specific area. 

5. What day is it delivered?  

Whichever one of our available delivery days works best for you. We will stick to this day each week unless you request otherwise. 

6. If I am out of town for a week am I able to skip that week or use it at a later time?

Yes, you would have to email me and let me know. You will still get charged that week but we can just extend your period. 

7. How do I add other items like eggs and meat to the order?

Shop as usual in our marketplace and then choose the same delivery day we have scheduled for your weekly share at checkout. If you choose a different day other than your scheduled share delivery day then we will assume you would like the delivery separate from your share. As the logistics to procure our other marketplace items from the farms can be difficult at times, delivery fees will still apply to the additional order as usual. Free delivery on certain size orders can not include the cost of the share unless you choose the Market Share option instead of the individual share options. 

8. What happens if I'm not able to be home or at the office the day of delivery?

No worries! We can coordinate with your concierge, office, or leave it at a location you feel more comfortable. We also have drop points in certain areas with cold storage for you to pick up at a later time. 

9. Will I receive an email each week before delivery with a heads-up of what's going to be in this week's veggie share?

The best we can do this year is a list of the most possible items that would appear in your share each season. You may have seen this on our website here. Since all are organic, some crops can be effected over night from pests, rodents, and even weather, so it's hard to guarantee. Sometimes we may have to compensate with a comparable alternative. What we can say is, that if you placed a separate order, we will do our best to not pack similar items in the share that you ordered separately that day.