1. What is the deadline to signup? 

Because we work with multiple farmers, there is NO DEADLINE to sign up for any of the CSA Shares we offer. 

2. How do you differ from Farmers CSA Shares?  

  • We work with multiple farmers so we can ALWAYS guarantee a variety of offerings with your shares.
  • We deliver direct to home. 
  • We run all four seasons of the year.
  • With our open MarketPlace, you can add on many other healthy local favorites to accompany your shares.

3. When does it begin? 

As soon as you like! 

4. Is delivery built into the cost?  

Our larger Market, Meat, and Beef Shares will all have delivery fees built into the cost. Veggie Share Subscriptions will have delivery fees added on, and if minimums for Add On's are met to your area, these fees will then be refunded to you.

5. What day is it delivered?  

We deliver every Monday & Friday. You choose which available delivery day works best for you prior to checkout. We will stick to this day each pay period unless you request otherwise. 

6. If I am out of town am I able to skip / pause my share subscription.

Yes, you can skip any order in your Account Login page. To Pause or if you have any issues with navigating, please send an email with your request to local@boneinfood.com.

7. How do I add other items like eggs and meat to the order?

Shop as usual in our MarketPlace and then choose the same delivery day we have scheduled for your upcoming share. You will ALWAYS receive reminder emails to Add On items to your upcoming share delivery. 

8. What happens if I'm not able to be home the day of delivery?

No worries! Our drivers will keep you posted in real time on your order delivery. You can coordinate with your concierge, office, or tell your driver to leave it at a location you feel more comfortable with.

9. Can we modify our CSA Shares?

You can specify to our team at checkout or in email of the things that you prefer not to receive in your CSA Shares, but we encourage you to be creative and make the most of what is delivered to you. The purpose of our shares is to help good ethical farmers move the offerings they worked hard to produce for their community.