Bone -In FAQ's

1. How does Delivery work? 

Place your order online in our Marketplace and select a day and time available that is most convenient for you. We currently offer delivery every Monday & Friday with an order deadline by midnight on Wednesday & Saturday. Check out the How It Works page for more details.

2. Delivery Fees?

Our delivery fees range from $5.99-$15.99 depending on where you are located and the size of order being placed. We also offer FREE delivery if you meet order delivery minimums for your area which can range from $100 - $350.

3. What is your delivery radius?

We are a NJ business currently servicing most of NJ, Metro NY, & adjacent PA Counties. Check out the Areas We Serve page for more details.

4. Do we have to be home for delivery?

Since orders are prepaid for, no you do not have to be home. On the afternoon of your delivery you will receive a text with a 2 hour delivery window and then your driver will text you 15 minutes prior to their arrival. In the case you are not around, simply instruct your driver where to leave your order.

All our cold and frozen items are packed in thermal insulated slips and/or bags. Ice packs will even be included on the hottest days. Individual orders are packed in rotation coordinated with delivery to minimize their time out of cold storage. 

If you wanted you could also leave a cooler outside to leave your order in! 

5. Are your meats fresh or frozen?

We sell 'flash frozen' meats.  Requests can be made for fresh (for immediate cooking needs) but we can not guarantee it. The important thing to consider is that they are all vacuum packed airtight, harvested on a regular weekly or monthly schedule, and frozen fresh (frozen within 24 hours of butcher) in order to maintain all their nutritional integrity. They are even more nutritious and satiating than most fresh meat which has been sitting in cold transport vehicles, display cases, and refrigerators for days before purchase. 

6. Do you have pick up locations?

Currently only in Hoboken, but we are working and looking to establish others. We love to work with fellow customers, friends, & business owners in order to offer a convenient location for pickup. If you have a location and would like to set up a pick up site please email for more information.