Bone -In FAQ's

1. How does Delivery work? 

Place your order online in our Marketplace and select a day and time available that is most convenient for you. We currently offer same and next day delivery. 
Check out  the How It Works page for more details.

2. Delivery Rates?

We charge a $5.99 fee for delivery to your home. We then offer FREE delivery if certain amounts are met per county or borough.

Check out the Areas We Serve page to get more details. 

3. What is your delivery radius? ( New Jersey / New York )

Check out the Areas We Serve page to get more details.

4. Do we have to be there for delivery?

Since orders are prepaid for, no you do not. Our drivers will text you 15 minutes prior to their arrival. In the case you are not around, simply instruct your driver where to leave your order.

5. Do you have pick up locations?

We do work with fellow customers, friends, & business owners in the area to act as pickup in some locations. With COVID, some of these have been put on hold.

6. What are your Pick Up locations? (free delivery)

Garden Street Hub - 1011 Garden St. Hoboken, NJ 07030

7. Are your meats fresh?

Yes, some butchers can get fresh cuts and others are frozen fresh immediately upon butcher to maintain all of its nutritional integrity. USDA standards allow meat to be called fresh if only frozen one time.

8. Can we return jars / cartons / bags to you?

For sustainability purposes, we happily accept any reusable brown bags, tote bags, boxes, thermal sleeves, ice packs, and any glass jars with no labels. 

9. What is the difference between each Farmers Selection?

We work with only sustainable farmers. This means that they use the best & most natural practices to raise their animals and produce. Sometimes a particular item may not be available from one farmers but we can get the same item from another.  Since we trust and know all their practices, we are comfortable knowing you are getting the best your farmers can offer. 

10. Weights / Credit / Refunds?

Obviously butchering meats has its difficulties and each butcher has their own way of doing so. If a weight is selected for a particular cut and the butcher can not match that cut exactly, we will either issue you a credit/ refund for the difference in weight or give you a larger weight portion of another cut in your order to make up for the difference. Either way... you will always end up with what you paid for GUARANTEED!!!

11. How are our items delivered?

We deliver in brown compostable paper bags, insulated tote bags, or compostable boxes depending on the size order. Thermal sleeves and/or ice will be included to help maintain food safe temps. 

12. Can we visit the farms?

Of course, any time! None require notification and you can roam freely. If someone is there and has the time, they will happily give you a tour.