About Us

Bone-In Food

Bone-In Food is a weekly farm-to-door delivery service. We provide only sustainable, nutrient-dense animal proteins, provisions, produce, and prepared foods directly to your door - sourced only from our local farm partners.

Bone-In Food’s name was created with the essence of ancestral and primitive lifestyle habits, inclusive of nose-to-tail eating. Additionally, animal bones contain essential amino acids and minerals to support our health. Hence why bone broth provides amazing health benefits for the gut and brain!

Our Story

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called “Stills Disease.” What started as flu-like symptoms, eventually spread to attack my joints, muscles, and eventually my heart. Thrown on a large daily dose of corticosteroids and monthly immunotherapy treatments, doctors were able to treat the issue but not cure it. Through extensive research and pouring over clinical information, we discovered that my disease as well as many other chronic diseases are ALL related to modernization.

Our food choices, environmental pollutants/pesticides,
metals/contaminants found in most pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, poor water quality, and the increasingly sedentary lifestyle, has caused most of us to be in a chronic state of inflammation. With a strong desire and will to ensure a quality of life free from daily and monthly drug treatments...Bone-in Food was born. Our goal- to source and provide the cleanest, most sustainable foods from local farmers, to our community.

Our Mission

To create awareness around the vast importance and connectedness of having a direct relationship with your food sources and quality of life. We are focused on minimizing food waste through on-demand purchases while continuing to avoid environmental and economical instabilities.