Health Benefits

Eating clean, real foods, helps eliminate oxidative stress and allows our bodies to perform at their peak. Being that we all eat, on average, 3 times a day for the entirety of our lives, oxidative stress is now considered the number one cause for inflammatory induced disease. Our bodies are only meant to process real food in their purest and most natural form. Even though we have slightly evolved to many of the processed foods available since the turn of the industrial revolution; autoimmune epidemics, diseases, and obesity related illnesses are still on the rise. To function at the most ideal state, many of the bodies processes need to be maintained. When oxidative stress occurs, this is not the case. Yet, the negative effects are so minimal that they might not even be felt or noticed in the immediate. Instead they are felt when our body’s tolerance meets it’s threshold, not only affecting our everyday well being, but our longevity and the longevity of future generations. Do we say eliminate all that we have known to be enjoyable? No. We just need to change our approach of how often the better foods are eaten over the bad.