Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Single Orgin
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Single Orgin

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Single Orgin

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (250g)
Heirloom Blend
Floral & Clean
Roast Date: May 2023
Taste: Jasmine, Lemonade, Honeysuckle

About Ethiopian Heirlooms Varietals
Ethiopia is the birthplace of all coffee and accounts for 10% of the country’s GDP. Ethiopia contains more coffee biodiversity than any other producing region with over 100 different and unique varietals now confirmed. Some estimates put the number of regional landraces in Ethiopia at over 10,000 varieties, many of which have not been individually cataloged. Also, coffee growers use hybrid varieties developed by JARC (Jimma Agricultural Research Centre). These varieties are more resistant to pests and often provide higher yields.

Unlike other producing countries however it is almost impossible to source single varietal coffee lots. In Ethiopia all lots, no matter which one of the indigenous varieties they are, are mixed together and graded based on quality under the watchful control of the ECX. As a result almost all Ethiopian coffees are blends of the many Ethiopian varieties, and referred to as 'Ethiopian Landrace' or "heirloom varietals"