Our Story


The origin behind the Bone-In name circles a few avenues. Some are humorous of course, but initially it was decided because of the vast health impacts that the minerals & amino acids derived from the bones of animals (Bone Broth) has on our bodies and the role they play in our overall well-being. It was then better determined by emphasizing how the eating & lifestyle habits of more primitive / indigenous cultures (pre-industrialization) positively influenced their longevity, day to day health, as well as the health of their lands.  


Bone-In is a weekly food delivery service with an emphasis on wellness education. We provide only sustainable, nutrient dense provisions, produce, & prepared foods directly to your door & sourced only from our local farm partners.


To create awareness around the vast importance and connectedness of having a direct relationship with your sources of food and your quality of life. We are focused on minimizing food waste through on demand purchases while continuing to avoid environmental and economical instabilities by sticking to an all local, sustainable, & seasonal market. 


This idea started organically from my wife's and my kitchen in 2013. That same year I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Stills Disease which began as flu like symptoms but then spread to attack my joints, muscles, and eventually my heart. Thrown on a large daily dosage of corticosteroids and monthly immunotherapy treatments, doctors were able to treat the issue but not cure. Discovering through research, as well as trial and error, we had discovered that my disease as well as many other diseases people face today are ALL related to modernization. Our life of food choices, environmental pollutants, and metals/contaminants found in most pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, as well as our sedentary lifestyles cause most of us to be in a chronic state of internal inflammation.  With a strong desire and will to ensure a quality of life free from daily and monthly drug treatments.... we found a solution. Bone-In was then created and its ideology is to make the cleanest and most sustainable foods available to our surrounding community by centralizing the suburban farmers to the more urban city area.