Know Your Farmers

100% Local & Regenerative Farmers

We work with all your small local farmers using the most sustainable & regenerative farming practices focusing foremost on the health of their soils. Healthy soils culture an ecosystem enriched with organisms that offer conditions for animals and vegetables to thrive without the need for antibiotics, hormones, herbicides, or pesticides. To do this, the farmers create an environment that best simulates the wild while letting nature simply take its course. It's not about "Certified Organic" but instead just "Knowing Your Farmer."
All our farmers are multilayered and adhere to a free range or pastoral grazing practice. The animals graze naturally while rotating between fresh pastures and the surrounding woodlands. In the Winter season they are fed a non-gmo grain, organic vegetable, and/or hay mix. They forage and share lands which allows them to naturally aerate and fertilize the soils. This then creates the healthiest and richest soil conditions for vegetables to grow till harvest without the use of treatments. It is a beautiful and very healthy synergistic harmony.